Due to the recent spread of the COVID-19 virus we are experiencing an unprecedented demand for our main stock lines, such as disinfectants, paper disposables and protective workwear. Our suppliers are also restricted on production for these items and have therefore increased lead times.

As a result, products which state "Next Day Delivery" can no longer be guaranteed for next day delivery. We are processing all orders as quickly as possible but please be aware that we are working at approx. 3-5 days for delivery on all orders.

Many thanks for your patience and understanding.

Hand Dryers

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Mitsubishi Hand Dryer Jet Towel Heated Silver


ex VAT £579.00 inc VAT £694.80
Ecodri Pro Dry 1 Hand Dryer

Ref 110-0014

ex VAT £117.00 inc VAT £140.40
Jet Hand Dryer

Ref 110-0003

ex VAT £467.50 inc VAT £561.00 From £412.50
Ecodri Junior Hand Dryer

Ref 110-0013

ex VAT £49.99 inc VAT £59.99
Ecodri Fastflow Hand Dryer

Ref Ecodri Fastflow

ex VAT £175.00 inc VAT £210.00
Ecodri Pro Dry 2 Hand Dryer

Ref 110-0016

ex VAT £117.00 inc VAT £140.40
Ecodri Uni Blade Hand Dryer

Ref 110-0018

ex VAT £89.99 inc VAT £107.99
Ecodri Unijet Hand Dryer

Ref 110-0021

ex VAT £92.95 inc VAT £111.54
Ecodri V Force

Ref 110-0024

ex VAT £98.99 inc VAT £118.79
Ecodri Blueforce

Ref 110-0025

ex VAT £113.50 inc VAT £136.20
Ecodri Multi Jet

Ref 110-0027

ex VAT £119.99 inc VAT £143.99