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How clean and hygienic the surroundings are in a GP or Medical Centre, plays a part in how confident we feel when talking to a medical professional. Customers want to feel safe and cared for, and that’s where Janitorial Direct Ltd and our range of washroom and hygiene services can help.

Why Hygiene In Healthcare Is So Important

We know just how important it is to maintain high levels of hygiene in healthcare facilities and clinical settings - it's your duty to keep patients and staff safe whilst meeting strict Care Quality Commission (CQC) standards.

Our extensive experience managing clients within this sector means we have the specialist knowledge and skills to maintain a high, clinical level of hygiene. Whether you're managing facilities within a GP surgery, doctor's office, hospital, surgery or any other type of clinical or medical environment, we can help you to:

  • Maintain full CQC compliance
  • Prevent cross-contamination
  • Safely dispose of medical/clinical waste
  • Prevent the spread of COVID-19
  • Meet health and safety regulations

At Janitorial Direct, we are well-equipped and fully compliant with regulations, meaning we can take care of everything from sharps bins to medical waste, on a schedule that suits you and your patients.

We can also service and maintain your washroom services to give your visitors and staff real peace of mind - so contact us for a quote today.



What is clinical waste?

The term 'clinical waste' refers to waste that comes from medical practices and thus has the potential to cause infection or contamination. This means that the waste could be hazardous to anyone coming in contact with it, therefore it must be dealt with correctly and safely.

Examples of clinical waste include:

  • Needles, sharps and other medical instruments
  • Dressings and swabs
  • Bodily fluids and excretions
  • Human tissue and body parts
  • Contaminated PPE
  • Chemical substances
  • Pharmaceutical products

Healthcare employees and organisations are not only responsible for but have a duty of care to correctly segregate and dispose of clinical waste, and there are strict regulations in place to maintain this.

How do you dispose of clinical waste?

The Department of Health and Care Quality Commission (CQC) have clear guidelines in place when it comes to the correct disposal of clinical waste.

These guidelines are in-depth and refer to various types of medical waste which will need to be considered for specific practices. However, some general clinical waste disposal considerations include:

  • Waste should be segregated appropriately
  • Waste bags must be correctly labelled
  • Staff should be aware of what waste is in which bin
  • Sharps and cytotoxic waste bins must be available
  • Infectious clinical waste should be separated
  • Waste containing patient identifiers must be treated as confidential
  • Containers must be locked and disposed of after three months

The Healthcare Technical Memorandum (HTM) 07-01 provides a framework for best practices and helps to ensure that regulations are met.

What are CQC GP ratings?

Once a service is registered with the CQC, they are continuously monitored to ensure compliance with rules and regulations - these are designed to keep services safe, effective, caring, responsive and well-led.

Ratings will often follow an inspection report, and these ratings can help those seeking healthcare services review and compare their options. There are four key ratings given to health providers, which are:
  • Outstanding
  • Good
  • Requires improvement
  • Inadequate

Ratings are provided against 5 key questions, alongside an overall service rating. If a care provider is given a rating by the CQC, they are required to display it on the premises in which they provide care and on their website, if they have one.
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