Baby Changing Units & Accessories

Wherever there are baby changing facilities, there is a need for nappy disposal, so ensuring there is a provision for this is essential...

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Baby Changing Unit  Vertical

Ref CO8252-V

ex VAT £166.25 inc VAT £199.50

Ref 149-0008

ex VAT £39.00 inc VAT £46.80
Horizontal Baby Changing Station

Ref FG7818-88

ex VAT £246.56 inc VAT £295.87
Vertical Baby Changing Station

Ref R050417

ex VAT £255.42 inc VAT £306.50
Nappy Bins 65 Litre Yellow


ex VAT £90.88 inc VAT £109.06
Baby Changing Unit Stainless Steel Clad

Ref BC100SSC-R

ex VAT £1,683.72 inc VAT £2,020.46
Save £1.95
Dolphin Nappy Changing Sign

Ref BC 5463-04

Was £19.50 Save £1.95

Now ex VAT £17.55 inc VAT £21.06

Save £10.35
Bench Mounted Baby Changing Unit

Ref 103-0368

Was £414.00 Save £10.35

Now ex VAT £403.65 inc VAT £484.38

Save £21.53
Dolphin Prestige Liner Roll Dispenser

Ref 109-0031

Was £307.50 Save £21.53

Now ex VAT £285.97 inc VAT £343.16

Save £197.29
Dolphin Prestige Titan Baby Changing Unit

Ref BC 101-ES

Was £1,972.90 Save £197.29

Now ex VAT £1,775.61 inc VAT £2,130.73

Baby Change Liners x 500

Ref CO8255

ex VAT £43.46 inc VAT £52.15

Changing Units

    • While the requirement to provide changing facilities in washrooms, where there is likely to be a requirement for one is part of the duty of care legislation, you can demonstrate a certain level of due diligence to customers or visitors by providing high quality infant care products which enhance their experience in your establishment or workplace. Our range ensures there is always a suitable option, regardless of the space available within your facility, all available at competitive prices.

Nappy Disposal

    • Wherever there is a requirement for child care facilities, there is a need for nappy disposal. They cannot be disposed of in a general waste bin, so ensuring there is an adequate provision for this is essential. They can also be used in creches or nurseries, eliminating smells by individually wrapping each nappy and locking them away without any smell.

Safety Seats

    • These sturdy chairs can be mounted to the wall of any washroom and provide a facility for guardians to secure their child in safety and comfort. The soft feel harness is designed to prevent the child from straying without restricting their movement. These infant care products offer hygiene benefits by preventing the child from moving around the washroom while the guardian is occupied.

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