Medical Supplies & Equipment

Making the correct safety supplies available to your employees is essential for a smooth running organisation. Explore our full range of supplies and equipment for everything your business requires.

Medical Supplies

Our range of medical supplies include metal medical supply cupboards ideal for wall mounting or storage on a shelf. Janitorial Direct also stock body fluid spill cleanup kits, essential for hygienically cleaning floor surfaces. Our portable body spill and hygiene kit bags are ideal for small or large organisations and contain all the elements which you'll need to cleanup after a body fluid spill incident. The kit contains hand sanitiser foam, eco mist, sharps box & tweezers, disinfectant spray, soak up concentrate solution, wipes, aprons, gloves, a scoop and biohazard bags..

Having all these medical supplies housed within a handy and easy to carry body spill cleanup bag is the perfect solution for any workplace as it avoids storing different elements around the office which may get lost or moved.

Having adequate medical supplies available to designated members of staff is an essential for health and safety responsibility. By installing a medical supply cupboard or storage area within your workplace is an easy procedure and one which can potentially safe lives in an emergency.

If you currently store plasters, antiseptic wipes and bandages in various places around your office or retail unit, then it is strongly recommended that you install a medical supplies cupboard. This is so you have all the items of medical treatment to hand in one handy place which can be administered quickly without having to remember where you left the bandages or who has keys to storage areas where you keep various elements of medical and first aid supplies.