Infant Safety Care Products

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Baby Change Liners x 500

Ref CO8255

ex VAT £43.46 inc VAT £52.15
Infant Safety Seat

Ref SEAT01

ex VAT £73.21 inc VAT £87.85
Infant Safety Seat

Ref CO8254

ex VAT £85.57 inc VAT £102.69
Nappy Bins 65 Litre Yellow


ex VAT £90.88 inc VAT £109.06
Save £40.20
Baby Changing Unit - Horizontal

Ref CO8250BE

Was £173.85 Save £40.20

Now ex VAT £133.65 inc VAT £160.38

Childrens High Chair

Ref 1121

ex VAT £149.65 inc VAT £179.58
Rubbermaid Sturdy Chair Baby Seat

Ref R050836

ex VAT £157.99 inc VAT £189.59
Baby Changing Unit  Vertical

Ref CO8252-V

ex VAT £166.25 inc VAT £199.50
Baby Changing Unit Horizontal White


ex VAT £223.66 inc VAT £268.39
Horizontal Baby Changing Station

Ref FG7818-88

ex VAT £246.56 inc VAT £295.87

Our range of baby and infant care products includes, baby changing units ideal for washroom areas, high chairs and safety seating products. See below for a full list of baby care products:

  • Infant safety seats
  • Horizontal baby changing units
  • Vertical baby changing units
  • Infant nappy wrapper tub system
  • Children’s high chairs
Quality Infant Care Products

Here at Janitorial Direct we focus on supplying baby and infant care products ideal for washrooms and public access bathrooms. The types of baby care products we choose to stock are those which provide the most safety for your child, are easy to operate and are hygienic to use.

Along with our wide variety if infant care products, we stock washroom supplies including Paper Products, Soaps, Dispensers, Cleaning Chemicals, Hair Dryers, towel racks, Vending machines, Hand dryers and a wide range of Hygiene services for Domestic, Commercial and Industrial use.