Protective Equipment

Personal Protective Equipment

Janitorial Direct supply a complete range of essential personal protective equipment for various working conditions. Our range of respirator masks ensure that you or your employees can work in dusty or misty working environments for extended periods of time safely.


We can supply a range of gloves which offer the wearer a specific type of protection. This may be vibration protection, extra grip, insulation, water resistance or scuff / scratch protection.


Another essential piece of personal protective equipment is eyewear. Janitorial Direct stock a vast range of eyewear which is available in many different designs to suit the environment you are working in. From lightweight safety specs to heavier goggles which form a seal around the eyes for more extreme environments. Using anti mist coatings, our protective eyewear ensures you have maximum visability for the entire duration they are required.

Protective Ear Equipment

We also supply various solution to ear protection. Loud working environments can cause serious problems for workers who do not have the appropriate level of ear protection. From standard ear plugs to ear defenders, our current range covers them all.

Protective Clothing

Our range of personal protective equipment also includes protective clothing such as boiler suits, aprons, back supports and pads for knees and elbows.

If you cannot see the product you require, or if you would like help making a selection then please contact us via out live support facility, our contact form or call us on 01299 252440