Plastic & Metal Mop Buckets

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WaveBrake Kentucky Mop Bucket

Ref 7580-88

ex VAT £89.87 inc VAT £107.84
15 litre Black Builders Bucket

Ref IS019087

ex VAT £7.33 inc VAT £8.80
WaveBrake Mopping Trolley

Ref 7777-00-BLU

ex VAT £190.37 inc VAT £228.44
Heavy Duty Steel Wringer 12oz

Ref COCM1220

ex VAT £37.99 inc VAT £45.59
Smoothline Plastic Wringer

Ref COMAX450

ex VAT £37.99 inc VAT £45.59
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Hi-Bak Dual Kentucky Mop Bucket

Ref 629365

ex VAT £147.68 inc VAT £177.22
Vega Rapid Response Trolley

Ref CO371

ex VAT £178.48 inc VAT £214.18
Trolley 10L Bucket


ex VAT £194.11 inc VAT £232.93
WaveBrake Wringer Reducer x 2

Ref 7575-REDUCER

ex VAT £11.74 inc VAT £14.09

Our extensive range of mop buckets are designed to fulfil all your commercial and domestic cleaning requirements.

We offer a variety of bucket and pail products including complete floor cleaning kits, large mop buckets, double mopping trollies, builders’ buckets, and wringer units. Many of these items are available in a variety of colours to keep in line with your colour coding for the different areas of your business.