WaveBrake Kentucky Mop Bucket

Ref: 7580-88
ex VAT £89.87 inc VAT £107.84

This WaveBrake Side Press Kentucky Mop Bucket with wringer has a highly efficiency side press wringer which is twice as durable as most competitors and has been tested to exceed 50'000 cycles.

The innovative side press wringer requires 18% less effort for easier and more efficient wringing.

The revolutionary bucket shape with its molded-in WaveBrake inhibits wave formation and has been proven to reduce splashing by upto 40% which means a safer environment, cleaner floors and improved productivity.

This Wavebrake Mop bucket and wringer combo offers WaveBrake performance in a compact size and can also be fitted to a WaveBrake Mopping Trolley with accessory bucket, removable carry caddy, space for two wet floor signs and quiet caster dolly wheels to optimise your cleaning effectiveness.

Bucket capacity: 26 litres.

Dimensions: 51.1cm x 39.9cm x 92.7cm.

Suitable for use with both 12oz and 16oz kentucky mop heads.

Only available in blue and yellow.