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School, College & University Cleaning Services & Supplies

All education facilities have a responsibility to keep their environments clean, hygienic and safe for all their staff and students. It supports the learning, teaching and overall health of anyone under their care, and Janitorial Direct Ltd have the experience and services to help.

The Importance Of Hygiene In The Education Sector

From spotless reception areas to sparkling clean washrooms, we know the importance of maintaining a hygienic environment within your education facility. Not only are these areas under frequent scrutiny from staff, parents, students and inspectors, but cleanliness in these areas is imperative to prevent the spread of illness and infection.

School bathrooms and classrooms can be a breeding ground for bacteria, due to the wide turnover of students and the lack of time in between lessons or lectures for cleaning. Thankfully, that’s where Janitorial Direct comes in. We can help you:

  • Ensure compliance with health & safety standards
  • Reduce pupil absences & boost attendance
  • Maintain a great reputation
  • Keep students and staff safe, healthy and happy

Thanks to our extensive range of hygienic equipment and comprehensive management services, you can be safe in the knowledge that germ spread is kept to a minimum and that your education facility is fully compliant with regulations.



Which services does Janitorial Direct offer to schools, colleges & universities?

Our washroom and hygiene services can help give you peace of mind that everything is taken care of, from vending machines to janitorial supplies - and all your washroom needs. Janitorial Direct Ltd can help from start to finish, and you can count on the service provided:

  • Discrete service – our friendly and professional operators work around you
  • 100% compliant – our services adhere to the workplace, water and environmental regulations, and our operators are CRB-checked too
  • Bespoke service contracts – Our competitively-priced plans are customisable to your needs.

How can I reduce pupil absence in my school?

Any facilities manager or teacher knows just how fast an illness can spread amongst students, whether in high school, college, sixth form or within university education. Whilst there isn’t much you can do to change student behaviour, you can work to prevent bacteria from spreading between different areas of your school.

  • Bathrooms - from soaps and sanitisers to sanitary waste and towels, you should address every point of contact in washrooms to prevent the spread of bacteria
  • Classrooms - use sanitation points near entryways to prevent the spread of germs during and after classes, and on common surfaces like door handles or desks
  • Common areas - facilities managers and cleaners should conduct and keep track of regular cleaning throughout public areas of your education facility

How can you prevent the spread of COVID-19 in education facilities?

From providing outstanding levels of education, supporting students with varied educational demands and dealing with the day-to-day running of a school or university, COVID-19 presents yet another massive challenge within education facilities across the country.
To prevent the spread of COVID-19, all education facilities should:

  • Maintain strict hygiene routines throughout
  • Provide sanitation stations in public areas
  • Provide students with necessary sanitation disposal facilities
  • Ensure correct ventilation of classrooms and lecture halls
  • Encourage students to regularly wash their hands
  • Regular cleaning and disinfection of washrooms

Thanks to managed washroom services from Janitorial Direct, we can take the concern and stress out of COVID-19 prevention, and put hygiene management in the safe and knowledgeable hands of our experts.

Do you provide transfer notes?

Yes, we provide "Transfer notes "for the classification of waste and / or the volume of certain waste that requires them.
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Rental services
Sanitary Bin Services Sanitary Bin Services

Bins serviced discreetly in the cubical. A liner service. Different colour and sizes available. Various frequency of service available. Duty of care certs.

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Medical & Clinical Waste Disposal Services Medical & Clinical Waste Disposal Services

For Care and Nursing homes - 360 litre, 770 litre and 1100 litre Bins available. Yellow bag (offensive) and red bag (Hazardous) waste. Various frequency.

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Roller Towel Machines Roller Towel Machines

Rental and regular service of this highly popular system. Often people’s preference.

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Entrance Mat Installation & Maintenance Entrance Mat Installation & Maintenance
Sharps Disposal Sharps Disposal

Red, Orange, Yellow, Purple, Blue lids. Different sizes. Discharged Needles, Partially Discharged, Pharmaceutical Waste, Anatomical Waste. Transfer notes, Duty of care certs provided.

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Urinal Flush Systems Urinal Flush Systems

Rental of Flush Controls. Can save you £1,000 per annum by reducing Water Waste and improving environmental effect. Sensiflush.

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Hand Wash Soap Dispensers Hand Wash Soap Dispensers

Foam and Liquid Soap Dispenser replenished on a weekly two weekly and monthly basis. Providing hand care for Customers, Staff, Pupils and Visitors alike.

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Odour Control Services Odour Control Services

Keep a fresh clean smell in your environment with regular service Air Care Units.

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Airsteril Services Airsteril Services

Improve Air Quality with a rental system. UV Light and Ozone Technology cleans and sanitizers Toilets, Changing Rooms, Bars, Refectories.

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Urinal Sanitisers Urinal Sanitisers

Enzyme toilet and urinal cleaning systems, service monthly to promote cleaner environmental and eco friendly Washroom Facilities

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Hand Dryers Hand Dryers

A wide range of rental Hand Dryers available UK wide. Massive cost saving over hand towels.

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Hand Sanitiser Systems Hand Sanitiser Systems

Alcohol Gel Dispensers on Rental. Preventing Covid 19, Cif Dif , MRSA etc serviced regularly on rental.

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Vending Machine Service & Maintenance Vending Machine Service & Maintenance

Providing essentials to Staff, Customers, Pupils, Visitor and Suppliers. Serviced regularly on rental.

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Water Coolers Water Coolers

Improve Productivity, Hydration and Staff, Customers and Vaster Wellbeing with a Water Cooler on rental.

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Nappy Waste Disposal Nappy Waste Disposal

Regular collection and disposal, 65litre, 360 litre, 770 litre and 1100 litre bins available. For day Nurseries, Primary Schools, Medical and GP Environments, Community Centres. All paper work provided. 

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