Specialist Cleaning Chemicals

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Elsan Water Fresh 1 Litre

Ref 102-0084

ex VAT £6.00 inc VAT £7.20
Elsan Double Rinse 1 Litre


ex VAT £8.05 inc VAT £9.66
Save £5.49
Barrier Cream Wet & Dry 450ml x 6

Ref M105

Was £23.99 Save £5.49

Now ex VAT £18.50 inc VAT £22.20

Soda Crystals 25K

Ref HP140

ex VAT £23.99 inc VAT £28.79
Magic Ice Melt

Ref MIM-3144

ex VAT £29.46 inc VAT £35.35

All the products within this range have been specifically designed with commercial cleaning requirements in mind.

From Magic Ice Melt to carpet insecticides, we offer a comprehensive range of specialist cleaning chemicals that are ideal for whatever your commercial needs.