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Green Product
Black Square Bin Liners On Rolls x 500

Ref FL0614

ex VAT £13.99 inc VAT £16.79
Refuse Sack Heavy Duty Pallet x 100 cases

Ref LD7005-5022

ex VAT £1,167.00 inc VAT £1,400.40
Black Bag Medium Duty Pallet x100 Cases

Ref GR0008-5024

ex VAT £1,077.30 inc VAT £1,292.76
Save £2.00
Refuse Sacks 18x29x39 100G x 200

Ref BBSTD100

Was £14.99 Save £2.00

Now ex VAT £12.99 inc VAT £15.59

Save £15.88
Refuse Sack 22x34x45 Recycled x 100

Ref LD7196

Was £32.37 Save £15.88

Now ex VAT £16.49 inc VAT £19.79

We offer an extensive range of bin bags and liners that are available in different sizes helping you to find the ideal product for your needs.

In addition to this, we also offer many of our products in black, clear, yellow, red, green and a yellow option and most are available to bulk buy, saving you money in the long run.