Large Yellow Tiger Stripe Bags Medium Duty

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Yellow clinical waste sacks with a black tiger stripe.

Yellow and black tiger-stripe bags are used for disposal of non-infectious but offensive hygiene waste, sometimes known as ‘sanpro' waste. These tiger stripe bags are 457/736 x 990mm and supplied as a case of 250.


  • Medical / veterinary items and equipment which do not pose a risk of infection including gowns, plaster casts and outer dressings.
  • Hygiene waste and sanitary protection items such as nappies and incontinence pads
  • Autoclaved laboratory waste
  • Animal faeces and soiled animal bedding

Cost Savings

This waste can be sent to landfill, offering significant cost savings over incineration or other anti-infection alternative treatments. Depending on the contractor, offensive waste disposal costs can be in the region of £180.00 - £220.00 per tonne as compared to £450.00 per tonne for incineration.


Current Department of Health national guidelines (07-01: Safe Management of Healthcare Waste) recommend yellow with black stripe colour-coded bags for offensive waste. Bags used to transport offensive waste for disposal must meet the requirements of the Carriage Regulations (UN Compliant).

These tiger-stripe bags meet or exceed all current guidelines and requirements for the safe storage, transport and disposal of offensive / hygiene waste and are approved for use in all NHS establishments, private hospitals and clinics, care homes, laboratories and veterinary practices.