Maxi & Mini Jumbo Toilet Rolls

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Janitorial direct supply an extensive and wide range of paper disposables, including Toilet rolls, hand towels, Hywipes rolls, Napkins, Centre feed rolls, Facial wipes etc.

Toilet Roll Dispensers

Janitorial Direct can offer many different designs of toilet roll dispensers to best suit the washrooms in your establishment. We also stock a comprehensive range of toilet rolls  for each of our toilet roll dispensers so you can be sure that there is always a supply of competatively priced consumables for your chosen dispenser.

With our entire range of dispensers for paper disposables, not only are they easy to use but they also save you time and money by ensuring that the paper you pay for is used, resulting in clear savings for your pocket and for the environment. Manufactured from tough, high quality, impact resistant materials our range of hand towel and toilet roll dispensers are hygienic, vandal proof, chemical and flame resistant.

Janitorial Direct encourages intelligent washroom systems that reduce and control the usage of paper disposables ensuring that they are used as efficiently as possible.

The products include Facial Wipes, Multi Flats/ Bulk pack, Mini Jumbo, Midi Jumbo Versa twin, Coreless toilet rolls, Floor stand wipes, Standard centre feed rolls Kitchen towels etc.

Our product allows you to support a wide range of applications from low traffic areas in bars factories and restaurants to high usage and sudden requirement facilities such as hospitals, theatres and sports stadiums.      This range of hand dryers is comprehensive and there is a machine suitable for all environments from hotels, pubs, restaurants, offices, guest houses, schools, motorway service stations, cinemas, factories, local authorities, nursing homes, leisure centres, sports clubs, shopping centres etc.