Disposable Kitchenware & Tableware

Tablecloth White 90CM x 25

Ref SPD370

ex VAT £6.04 inc VAT £7.25
Catering Foil

Ref FOI001

ex VAT £6.44 inc VAT £7.73
Catering Cling Film 12"

Ref CLI003

ex VAT £8.46 inc VAT £10.15
Baking Parchment 18"

Ref SPD425

ex VAT £10.83 inc VAT £13.00
Cling Film - 12" Wrapmaster

Ref 31C80

ex VAT £20.83 inc VAT £25.00
Napkins 40cm 3ply x 1000

Ref NAP300

ex VAT £26.99 inc VAT £32.39
Vegware Bagasse Tableware.


Starting at: ex VAT £29.71 inc VAT £35.65

Kitchen safety and hygiene is paramount for commercial properties and to help you keep your catering facilities in order we offer a vast range of kitchen consumable products.

From cling film to disposable napkins, we have everything you need for your kitchen or catering business.