Cling Film 18" Wrapmaster x 3 rolls

Ref: 10345
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The Cling Film FP073 is 18' wide and 300m long. This product is commonly use in food preparation, wrapping, preserving food stuffs.

The award winning product has been a sensation in a market dominated by uninteresting cardboard dispensers. The unique portable system also has a lifetime guarantee. The Wrapmaster dispenser reduces waste: It has been found to give savings of up to 35% through reduced wastage and increased performance. - Has increased safety: the cutting system with its patented blade makes cut fingers a thing of the past. - Is Hygienic: cling film and foil rolls are protected against cross contamination by the easy to clean, robust ABS casing. - Increases productivity: cling film and foil cut tangle free every time. Wrapmaster is the ideal choice for smaller caterers, first aiders, beauty salons, the home and even as the perfect gift.

Comes in packs of 3