Medical Bins

Medical Bins

What are Medical and Clinical Bins?

Medical waste and clinical waste are in essence the same thing. It is categorised as waste that for any reason may be contaminated in any with blood or bodily fluids etc. In these circumstances for legal reasons you must assume the worst possible scenario that the person may be infected. For that reason the utmost care needs to be taken when the waste is disposed of.

Medical Bins

Medical and clinical waste bins would also be used for offensive waste. Offensive waste is categorised as being contaminated waste, things like plasters, bandages, urine, faeces, nappies etc. Again it is important that these kinds of waste are disposed of correctly.

Although you can use the same bin for all these waste types, there are very different legal responsibilities with regards to disposing of the differing waste. It is the producer of the waste has a legal responsibility to adhere to this, and this is what we are able to do on your behalf, supplying you with all the relevant auditable documentation.

  • Contaminated waste.
  • Offensive waste.
  • Infected waste.

What Type of Bin do I Need?

This very much depends on the size and quantity of waste you are producing. For small medical centres, first aid areas or tattooists, a standard sized yellow sharps bin is often perfectly adequate.

For larger quantities or larger sizes of waste, such as body parts or animals or areas like hospitals, veterinary practises, a larger yellow bin may be need.

How our Service Works...

Our well trained staff will come and install the medical bins where ever they are needed. Your units can then be serviced as often as you require from weekly, two weekly and four weekly according to your usage.

We allocate every site to one service operative, this means that you will (aside form annual leave and illness) always get the same operative servicing your units. We find that this make the experience better for our customers, and our operatives won't have to ask you where your units are when they come to service.

We at Janitorial Direct pride ourselves on our service and are always striving to improve. All of our operatives and well trained and CRB checked.

  • We fit the units.
  • The same service operative.
  • We pride ourselves on our service.
  • Well trained and CRB checked.

Benefits of our Washroom Services:

  • We guarantee to do what we say we will do
  • Customer service is our priority
  • Personal service provided
  • Value for money
  • Trained and committed staff
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West Midlands Safari Park

Janitorial Direct has been the main supplier of janitorial products and hygiene services to West Midland Safari Park for a considerable number of years.

Julian and his staff have always been positive in delivering to our needs with enthusiasm and professionalism.

Paul Heweston - Park Services Manager, Health & Safety Manager West Midlands Safari Park

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