At Janitorial Direct, we offer a comprehensive medical waste removal service, ideal for doctors’ surgeries; health practises; tattoo studios; medical centres; nursing homes and any location with first aid capabilities.

Medical Bins

Medical waste and clinical waste are in essence the same thing. It is categorised as waste that for any reason may be contaminated in any way with blood or bodily fluids etc. In these circumstances for legal reasons you must assume the worst possible scenario that the person may be infected. For this reason, the utmost care needs to be taken when waste of this kind is disposed of.

Medical and clinical waste bins would also be used for offensive waste. Offensive waste is categorised as being contaminated waste. This includes the likes of plasters; bandages; urine; faeces; nappies etc. Again, it is extremely important that these kinds of waste are disposed of correctly.

Although you can use the same bin for all these waste types, there are very different legal responsibilities with regards to disposing of the differing waste. The producer of the waste has a legal responsibility to adhere to this. It’s this service that we at Janitorial Direct can assist with; this is what we are able to do on your behalf, as well as supplying you with all the relevant auditable documentation.

  • Contaminated waste.
  • Offensive waste.
  • Infected waste.

What Type of Bin do I Need?

The type of Medical Waste Bin you require will vary depending on type and quantity of waste you are producing and disposing of. Typically, small medical centres, first aid areas or tattooists, will require a standard sized yellow sharps bin which we find is often perfectly adequate.

For larger quantities or larger sizes of waste, such as body parts or animals for areas like hospitals or veterinary practises, a larger yellow bin will most likely be required.

We can discuss your requirements with you and advise the required size. Our years of experience and knowledgeable highly trained staff will be able to advise appropriately.

How our Service Works...

We are based in the Midlands and therefore are able to quickly serve businesses located in the immediate area. That said, we can also assist with businesses further afield across the entirety of the UK.

The Medical Waste services you receive will entail a visit from a well-trained staff member, who will install the medical bins where ever they are needed. Your units can then be serviced as often as you require.

We allocate one service operative to your site, to ensure a thorough and consistent service. We find that this make the experience better for our customers, and our operatives won't have to ask you where your units are when they come to service.

We at Janitorial Direct pride ourselves on our service and are always striving to improve. All of our operatives and well trained and CRB checked.

  • We fit the units.
  • The same service operative.
  • We pride ourselves on our service.
  • Well trained and CRB checked.

Benefits of our Washroom Services

Medical Waste Disposal

Providing a better environment for staff, customers & visitors
Providing a better environment for staff
25 Years of Service
Proudly serving all our customers
Proudly serving all our customers

What Our Clients Say

Mark Making logo

Janitorial Direct have covered our washroom services requirements for several years now and are always punctual, efficient and polite. I would thoroughly recommend them

Lisa Davies
Account Director
Hagley Hall logo

At Hagley Hall we pride ourselves on giving a service that is second to none, and for us to operate efficiently we rely on our suppliers providing a first class service to us, too.

I’m pleased to say that Janitorial Direct fully meet our expectations with their courtesy, professionalism and, above all, the quality of their products.

Richard Patching
Head of Operations
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Janitorial Direct supply our washroom services at our head office as well as our other sites.

We have always found they offer a quality service and the staff to be extremely efficient and friendly, and their services are excellent value for money too.

We would have no hesitation in recommending Janitorial Direct.

Stuart Matthews