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Urinal Flush Systems

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Urinal Flush Systems from Janitorial Direct 

Water management systems can reduce your water usage by up to 80%.

Water Management

Using a water management system is both environmentally friendly and a very cost effective service, allowing you to better control the number of flushes that your urinals make. If you also combine this with a Quadrasan auto sanitising units it is in many cases more hygienic and will reduce the amount of odour produced by the urinal.

If used without the Quadrasan auto sanitising units it is still incredibly affective and the number of flushes is altered to suit the environment. For example in a school or shopping centre where the usage would be relatively high, the flushes may be increased, in an environment with lower foot fall the number of flushes could be reduced.

The water management system also allows you to stop a unit from flushing in times when a washroom in inactive, such as weekends and during the night. This has massive cost saving benefits without affecting the cleanliness of your washroom environments.


How Water Management Works...

Our water management systems have a specially designed one-way valve that is fitted to your urinal, that is then set to control the flow of the water that fills the cistern. You then have complete control of how many times your urinal will flush and at what time it flushes. This is especially beneficial if you do not require your urinals to be in used during certain times of the day, for example during the night.

How our Service Works...

Our specially trained staff will come and install your water management system.

The units need no maintenance by you or your staff, we will send a washroom operative to change the batteries and check the operation of the unit at scheduled intervals.

We allocate every site to one service operative, this means that you will (aside form annual leave and illness) always get the same operative servicing your units. We find that this make the experience better for our customers, and our operatives won't have to ask you where your units are when they come to service.

We at Janitorial Direct pride ourselves on our service and are always striving to improve. All of our operatives and fully trained and CRB checked.

  • We fit the units.
  • No maintenance needed.
  • The same service operative.
  • We pride ourselves on our service.
  • Well trained and CRB checked.

Cost-saving Calculator...

No. of cisterns: 1
Volume of cistern in litres: 9.00
Volume of cistern in m³: 0.009000
Frequency of flushes (in minutes): 9
No. of flushes/day: 160
Water consumption/annum (in m³): 525.60
Water & sewage combined cost/m³: £1.62
Total cost/annum for water through urinals: £851.47

Benefits of our Washroom Services

Urinal Flush Systems
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What Our Clients Say


Janitorial Direct have covered our washroom services requirements for several years now and are always punctual, efficient and polite. I would thoroughly recommend them

Lisa Davies
Account Director
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At Hagley Hall we pride ourselves on giving a service that is second to none, and for us to operate efficiently we rely on our suppliers providing a first class service to us, too.

I’m pleased to say that Janitorial Direct fully meet our expectations with their courtesy, professionalism and, above all, the quality of their products.

Richard Patching
Head of Operations
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Janitorial Direct supply our washroom services at our head office as well as our other sites.

We have always found they offer a quality service and the staff to be extremely efficient and friendly, and their services are excellent value for money too.

We would have no hesitation in recommending Janitorial Direct.

Stuart Matthews