Floor Scrubber Dryers

Push-along and ride-on floor scrubber dryers from Numatic, Truvox and Nilfisk

Floor Scrubber Dryer Range

Our floor scrubber machines range from branded cleaning machine manufacturers such as Karcher, Truvox, Cleanfix, Cimex and more. The floor scrubbing machinery we stock are ideal for small to large commercial & environmentals, such as retails unit cleaning, the leisure industry and hospitals and care homes.

Types of Floor Scrubber

The are many different types of floor scrubber machine however the main machines we stock are as follows:

  • Fold Away Floor Scrubber Machines - easy to store and make short work of hard to reach washroom areas.
  • Mains or Battery Powered Floor Scrubbers - added flexibility as can be moved away from the mains in large indoor areas.
  • Roller Brush Floor Scrubbers - enhanced scrubbing power with rolling brushes which shorten drying times.
  • Multi-wash Floor Scrubber Machines - added benefits of being able to scrub clean a variety of floor surfaces including, non-slip safety floors, low pile carpets, escalators and entrance matting.
  • Ride-on & Walk-behind Floor Scrubber Machines - large scale floor scrubber machines with more accurate control to target specific areas and better for large scale commercial and retail environments.
  • Heavy Duty Floor Scrubber Machinery
  • Robotic Floor Scrubber - ideal for floor scrubbing interior spaces without the need for human control as they are able to avoid objects and clean around them for hours on single charge.

Floor Scrubber Enquiries

See above for our extensive range of floor scrubber dryers and if you can't see the product you need, if you would like help making a selection, or if you wish to receive a copy of our full cleaning supplies catalogue, including all our floor scrubbers and other cleaning machines, then please contact us and one of our experienced team will be happy to help and advise you.

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