IMOP Scrubber Dryer XL

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This is the New I-mop XL

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This is a revolutionary NEW scrubber dryer that will save you time and money.

The I-mop is a very compact machine and can be stored in a cupboard taking up little more space than a mop and bucket. A scrubber dryer that offers this level of cleaning ability would normally take up a massive amount of space and would be awkward to get in and out of where it is stored. Its size also means that you can get to areas that would normally be inaccessible by larger machines.

The I-mop is a battery powered machine so there are no trailing cables causing safety hazards or reducing the area that you can service. You are even able to clean areas that do not have a plug socket, this would include bathroom and changing areas, or large halls and corridors that have power but other machines may not reach because of their cable length.

Traditional mopping is proven to be less hygienic than using a scrubber dryer and can take up to three times longer to clean an area than it would with an I-mop, for this reason alone it is obvious how you will save time and money by using this machine.


Battery Safe Guard feature will help protect the battery from being damaged and left on. Many cleaners will accidentally leave a machine turned off when they have finished cleaning. However, with the I-MOP, the "Park Mode" will help to protect the machine's battery. When in "Park Mode" the the I-MOP is turned off, preventing uneccassary wear and tear on the battery. As soon as the I-MOP is in the working position, (by lowering the brush-decks) the battery switches back on. This therefore optimises the battery life of the I-MOP. 

The Control Panel on the new I-MOP will have a lower inlay and a bumper, which makes it straight-forward to work with, and prevents the damage to the sides.

Splash guards are another advantage of the of the I-MOP and prevent additional splash coming from the machine. The brushes are not rotating when the are moving from point A to point B. This prevents your work being undone with people walking past, by containing the water with the splash guards. Even when the I-MOP is in the working mode, there will be no splashes of water from the machine. These splash guards are on both sides of the brush deck to prevent this from happening.

The I-MOP has a floating ball system, which works by having a filtration system in the recovery tank. The floating ball is inserted in the filtration part of the I-MOP and prevents the tank from overflowing, by detecting the amount of water in the machine. To also help prevent damage to the engines, the I-MOP will also stop extracting any residue from the floor and will avoid water from entering the motor.

How Scrubber Dryers Work

Scrubber dryers are much more hygienic than traditional mopping systems, this is achieved because when you are using a mop and bucket quite often people will be moving the dirt around the floor rather than picking the dirt up.

A scrubber dryer will put clean water and chemical on to the floor, it will then scrub the area with either a brush or a pad depending on the floor type and the type of result you are wishing to achieve. By scrubbing the area with the water and chemical it will lift the dirt into the water, once the dirt is suspended in the water it is then sucked up by the machine into a separate water tank so that it does not contaminate the clean water. Your floor will be dry almost instantly reducing health and safety risks.

If you are interested in this I-mop we would highly recommend a FREE demonstration.

  • Operational Width: 460mm.
  • Performance: 1.800 M2/hour.
  • Power: 700 W.
  • Clean water tank: 4 Litre.
  • Recovery water tank: 8 Litre.
  • Brush Pressure: 22 kg.
  • Weight: 21.5 kg.
  • Dimensions: 1200x500x380 mm.
  • Battery time: 1 hour.


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