1. Discover our soap, paper towel & sanitizer dispensers

    Discover our soap, paper towel & sanitizer dispensers

    Six months into the COVID-19 pandemic and we’re all well practised at washing our hands and touching as little as possible when we’re outside our homes and workplaces. Yes, we’ve all used automatic hand sanitiser dispensers in supermarkets and we immediately wash our hands or use antibacterial hand gel before eating in a restaurant. But did you know there are ways to make scenarios like this even more-virus-free?

    Read on to find out all about our innovative products:

    Automatic soap dispenser Automated paper-towel dispenser Automatic hand sanitiser dispenser

    Maybe it’s time to go touch-free to help manage a potential second coronavirus wave?

    Automatic soap dispenser

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  2. Get back to work with hand sanitising stations

    Get back to work with hand sanitising stations

    More and more of us are making our way back into our clean office and work environments with strict procedures in place – hand washing rules, minimum distance requirements, sanitising stations and more. But for those staff members not yet ready to break out into the new world, there are things employers and managers can do to ease their minds. Here you’ll find out all about:

    - Sanitising stations
    - Safety screens & sneeze guards
    - Commercial cleaning options

    Getting back to work can be done safely, so find out how you can give your employees peace of mind…

    Sanitising stations

    If you’ve ventured out to the supermarket or a retail store in the town centre, you’ve most likely seen a do-it-yourself sanitising station

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  3. Hassle-free waste bin rentals and collections

    Hassle-free waste bin rentals and collections

    Now more than ever, keeping your workspaces clean and hygienic is imperative to stay on top of disease and germ-spreading. Apart from regular and thorough cleaning, the removal of potentially contaminated waste is also important.

    Here you’ll find information on how you should properly manage this kind of material with bin rentals, how we can remove this waste and the other Janitorial Direct services available to help you stay compliant and clean.

    The government has specific instructions available for those who are self-isolating with the COVID-19 virus, especially in regards to personal waste. For example, tissues or anything with bodily fluids

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  4. Is it safe to go back to work?

    Is it safe to go back to work?

    Now that restrictions are easing and more and more businesses are
    being given dates when they’re allowed to get back
    to work, it might be time to start thinking about your return to work. Sure, there will be the inevitable
    office deep cleaning sesh, but you need to
    ensure that your clean office standards stay
    high continuously.

    Back to work cleaning FAQs Covid-19 Office cleaning to do list How we can help make it safe to go back to work

    In this article, we’ll guide you through ways you can help make going back to work safe for all…

    Back to work cleaning FAQs

    Firstly, we know it’s been said and you’re all fed up with it, but this situation really is unprecedented.

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  5. Essential Items in a Commercial Cleaner's Kit

    Essential Items in a Commercial Cleaner's Kit

    Here at Janitorial Direct we aim to meet all of your cleaning needs. We also want you to be able to tackle any situation that comes your way in the fastest and most efficient way possible. With years of experience, not just serving business owners who run their own cleaning businesses, but also offering washroom services. That’s why we’ve compiled a comprehensive list of supplies to include in your commercial cleaner’s kit, using our own products as examples.

    Items to have in your commercial cleaner's kit Transportation

    Regardless of the job type, you will require a way to carry all of your products to the cleaning site.

    A simple caddy can manage this, but if you own a bigger collection of items, a trolley might be a better solution. Not only will it spare your back, but also save

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  6. What Can You Clean with a Steam Cleaner?

    What Can You Clean with a Steam Cleaner?


    Steam cleaning is one of the most versatile ways of making sure your home and possessions are left squeaky clean.

    It is eco-friendly as it only requires electricity in the water heating process, and no chemicals are involved. This makes it a safer alternative for the environment and your health (not to mention your budget). It can also be used on the go, allowing you to spend more time enjoying your home and loved ones.

    It’s a common assumption that steam cleaning can only be used to iron clothing, eliminating wrinkles and leaving the fabric feeling fresh and clean. But it can actually do so much more than that!

    It disinfects and sanitises, killing germs, fungus, mould, dust mites, etc., preventing disease from spreading amongst your family, friends and pets. It gets to hard to reach places and removes tricky substances without much effort on your part too.

    Most importantly, you will only ever need a single device for all your cleaning tasks!

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  7. Spring Cleaning Tips for the Office

    Spring Cleaning Tips for the Office


    Keeping your work environment clean and tidy is vital in helping create a productive atmosphere, however it’s understandable that in a busy office, cleaning isn’t necessarily a time priority. So, to make this job a lot easier, we have compiled some spring cleaning tips to help you give the office a thorough clean.

    Get the office organised

    The easiest way to keep your office clean is to keep your office organised. Mess can quickly build up on you, especially in a busy area like a workspace where you’re likely to have things such as papers and reports floating around. Of course, there are many ways to organise your space. That said, even using simple things like clips and paperclips will help keep your office neater. For a more large scale way of organising, using trays

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  8. The Benefits of Washroom Services for Commercial Businesses

    The Benefits of Washroom Services for Commercial Businesses

    Having a clean and hygienic washroom is vital for any business. This is true for the workers; as nobody wants to work in an unhygienic environment. It’s also important for the customers; as the way a business looks and feels has a big impact on how likely it is that someone will want to work with them. Therefore, washroom services can impact the way an entire business is ran. It’s easy to put it on the back burner, and forget its vital role, but Janitorial Direct can help you to take facilities tasks off of your to do list. Find out more abut the benefits of washroom services for commercial businesses, here.

    Benefits of washroom services

    We offer a variety of great washroom services on flexible contracts, from 12-36 months.  You can be assured that we will deliver what we pledge, so you know you’ll be getting exactly what you need on time. As well as this, Janitorial Direct provide trained and

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  9. Why Hand Washing Is Important

    Why Hand Washing Is Important

    It’s drummed into us from a young age – but why is hand washing so important? It may seem obvious but it’s interesting to find out more. Hand washing is important in preventing you from getting sick, as well as stopping the spread of diseases and illnesses to others. Not keeping your hands properly clean is the easiest way to spread germs, and even the cleanest of people will still easily collect germs on their hands.

    Why hand washing is so important

    When we don’t wash our hands, it opens up a variety of ways to spread germs, and possibly cause illness. We can spread germs through touching things, such as door handles, computer keyboards, and toys (though anything you touch, you can spread germs to), or we can spread germs through food and drink, which in some cases and environments can cause the germs to multiply. As well as this, we can easily spread germs to ourselves through touching our face and bodies, which gives easy access to the germs through our mouth, eyes

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  10. How to Keep Floors clean, Even on Rainy Days

    How to Keep Floors clean, Even on Rainy Days


    Floors can be one of the most difficult areas to keep clean, especially when it is wet and muddy outside. Floors with high footfall will have lots of people trampling the mud and dirt from outside across them, while even at home dirty shoes can easily bring all types of grime from outside into the house. The good news is that there are lots of ways of keeping floors clean, even on rainy days.

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