Cleaning Equipment, Tools & Accessories

Janitorial Direct supplies a varied range of janitorial cleaning equipment, tools and accessories. From mopping systems to dispensers and safety signs, explore our full range to find the right equipment to fit your janitorial needs.


Janitorial Direct supplies a range of janitorial cleaning equipment, tools and accessories to achieve a quality clean in practically any environment, including the leisure industry, schools, hotels, offices, hospitals, nursing homes and factories.

Our range of products are of the highest quality and at extremely competitive and affordable prices.

Our wide range of hardware products include general hardware and janitorial products, from bins, mops, refuse sacks, buckets and pails, to cloths, spray bottles and window cleaning brushes.In addition to this we also provide specialised products such as safety signs, thermometers, cleaning trolleys and floor pads.

Whatever type of cleaning product you are looking for and whatever your budget is, Janitorial Direct we are bound to supply the correct item for your needs.