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The Numatic TT4045 is one of the most popular scrubber dryer machines we sell and is arguably one of the most popular in the country. This machine is ideal for cleaning medium to large hard floor areas, most commonly purchased by schools, village halls, leisure centres and hospitals, anywhere with large halls or long corridors this machine is very well suited.

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Have Complete Peace of Mind when you purchase your Numatic Machine, with our Onsite Health Checks and Support Plus Packages to achieve the best cleaning results and maximise your performance.

With two fantastic Service Packages to choose from - Numatic offer:

Product Training

Onsite Visits

Fitting of Consumables 

Specialist Support and much more.

The MAINTAIN Package includes installation of your Floorcare model and training will be arranged for you and your staff. You will recieve twice a year onsite service visits by an engineer to ensure your equipment is working to its full potential and you are receiving the best possible results. To maintain your machines performance our engineer will fit all your consumables with every service including brushes, squeegees and filters.

The PROTECT Package will include all the benefits mentioned above but also includes Complete 3 Year Cover, so any accidental damage or breakdowns are included in this package giving peace of mind that your business will never be without a working machine. If the issue is to big to be repaired onsite a new machine will be sent to you to keep your company moving.

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**Leasing options available against this equipment, please contact the Sales office for further information on 01299 252440**

Numatic TT4045G Scrubber Dryer

Supplied with 450mm Polyscrub Scrubbing Brush-606203.

The Numatic TT4045G is one of the most popular scrubber dryer machines we sell and is arguably one of the most popular in the country. This machine is ideal for cleaning medium to large hard floor areas, most commonly purchased by schools, village halls, leisure centres and hospitals, anywhere with large halls or long corridors this machine is very well suited. It has a huge 20 meter power cable which is more than enough to allow you to clean these types of area. If you do not have access to regular plug sockets you can use this machine with an extension lead however we would recommend looking at the battery version of this machine which is called the TTB4045G.

The TT4045G sits in the middle of Numatic’s Twintec range, boasting fantastic performance and results on a variety of hard floors. A sizable 40 litre capacity for clean water, and 40 litre tank for dirty water mean that you can clean a large area without having to fill or empty your tanks as often as you might with a smaller machine.

Despite the large capacity and 45cm cleaning width this is still a relatively compact machine standing 110cm high, 106.5cm long and if you include the squeegee blade at the back is 80.5cm wide. There are smaller machines in the range however for medium to large areas they would be inefficient having to change the water more often. There are also larger machines which obviously will service a larger area more easily however storage of the machine can them become an issue. We find that the TT4045 is the machine that best fits most environments.

You can use the Numatic TT4045G with a brush or a pad. It comes as standard with the Numatic medium duty scrubbing brush, this is perfectly adequate for most floor types, it is not aggressive and wont damage the floor. A more aggressive brush or pad may be proffered for floor types such as unsealed concrete or areas with heavy soillage to get the optimum out of the clean.

These machines are often used with a pad especially when cleaning indoor spaces where you want to use a scrubber dryer chemical with polish or maintainer in it. It is very easy to convert to using a pad, all you need is a base plate and a set of pads.

The TT4045 is incredibly easy to use, often people are concerned that it will be hard to move around, the reality is quite the contrary. This scrubber dryer does not have self-drive where by the machine pulls its self along, what it does have is a very clever balance setup so that when the brush at the front of the machine is turning it almost feels like it is floating allowing anyone to push the machine along with ease.

This scrubber dryer can be used on all hard floor types just be aware that wooden floors can be damaged if you clean them with water, if they are sealed and polished this will not be a problem.

The benefit of using a scrubber dryer on wood is that the water is on the floor for a very short period of time and dries it very quickly making this a safer method then wet moping. The other method would be to use a rotary machine which would use no water and may be preferable for polished high shine floors.


What is a Scrubber Dryer?

A scrubber dryer is a much more effective and efficient way to clean hard floors when compared to more traditional methods like wet moping and flat moping.

The machine quite simply puts a water and chemical mixture on to the floor (as you would with a mop and bucket), it will then use a pad or a brush to scrub the floor, braking up the dirt and mixing it in with the water.

As you move forward with the machine the squeegee blade located at the rear collects the dirty water allowing the vacuum to suck up and deposit into the dirty water tank leaving you with a clean floor.

Most scrubber dryers will leave the floor slightly damp however this will be dry within a matter of minutes, a mop and bucket will take far longer than this. Scrubber dryers are significantly quicker than moping, this will therefore save you time and money. They also benefit from giving you a much higher level of clean. With a mop and bucket as your water begins to get dirty you are affectively just moving the dirt around the floor, a scrubber dryer will only be putt clean water down and picking up the dirty through a separate system so the two never mix.


**Due To An Update In Numatic's Manufacturing Process, This Product May Vary In Colour From The Image Shown. Specification However, Remains The Same**

  • Brush motor: 1500W.
  • Vac motor: 1200W.
  • Power: 230V ac.
  • Speed: 150-180rpm.
  • Capacity: 40 litres.
  • Deck: 450mm.
  • Weight: 58.8Kg.
  • Dimensions: 1150 x 1030 x 740 mm.
  • Cable Length: 20m.



Q. What is the Cleaning Width on the TT4045?

A. The cleaning width on the TT4045 is 450mm/16 Inches.

Q. What floor types can the TT4045 be used on?

A. The TT4045 can be used on all hard floors including wooden , parquet, vinyl, safety floors, altro floor, quarry tiled, ceramic floors, concrete , rubber profiled floors, however it is recommended that it is not used on wooden floors unless they are sealed, as wooden floors are easily damaged with water.

Q. What Makes the TT4045 a Durable Machine? 

A. The TT40455 has a stainless steel chassis, meaning the structure itself is very strong. In addition to that it comes with an aluminium construction semi parabolic squeegee blade. this means its less lightly to crack or or snap whilst using.