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Microspeedy Professional Cleaning Kit - Complete With Bucket, Frame, Handle, Holder & Head

Ref: 103-0373/7/8/9
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The Microspeedy kit is a professional quality, complete flat mop system which enables easier, faster and more effective cleaning, especially in high traffic environments where surfaces need to be cleaned and dried quickly.

It is designed to be used with our highly effective and easily fitted 40cm microfibre flat mop heads, which use the minimum amount of water for fast drying, and do not need chemicals to give excellent cleaning results.

MicroSpeedy flat mopping unit consisting of 20 litre bucket, steel handle and 50 mm (2') castors. Printed with a 'Caution Wet Floor' message, together with a unique side press wringer. Bucket supplied with divider panel to separate clean and soiled cleaning solutions.

Superb professional quality folding 'break-frame' mopping system, impact-resistant and highly durable. Designed for use with 40cm flat mop heads with eyelet and easy to use flap fittings. This kit comes complete with flat mop frame and handle only, flat mop heads are to be purchased seperately.

Available in blue, yellow and green.

The choice of colours allows the operative to keep specific colours for particular areas, thus avoiding cross contamination.

  • RED - Washrooms and toilet areas.
  • GREEN - Raw food preparation areas.
  • YELLOW - Food and serving areas.
  • BLUE - Low risk and basic cleaning areas.