Lemon Hard Surface Cleaner 5 litre

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Janitorial Direct Lemon Hard Surface Cleaner.

Refreshing lemon cleaner designed to cut through grease and grime. Used in high traffic areas on a range of surfaces including; Ceramic Tiles, chrome, stainless steel, laminates, paintwork, floors and most plastics.

Use this product diluted with water and apply with cloths, mops or a broom. Dilute in accordance to how heavily soiled the area is. In extreme cases use neat.

The low foaming technology will reduce cleaning time.

  • Super lemon hard surface cleaner is a fast acting multi-purpose cleaner for walls, floors, paintwork and general surfaces
  • It is formulated for the removal of a wide range of organic soils, particularly for in accessible and seldom cleaned areas
  • Contains orange oils for extra power
  • Cuts through grease