Lemon Floor Gel 5 litres

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Lemon Floor Gel can be used on most floor surfaces. The natural oils help to gently clean without stripping polished floors. It is a low foaming formulation which is suitable for hand mopping, all floor scrubbing and mechanical washing machines. Removes scuff marks and heel marks with ease.

Lemon Floor Gel can be used for cleaning most floors and walls, it is ideal for cleaning non-slip flooring.

Lemon Floor Gel cleans, deodorises and sanitises all in one easy application.

All wooden floors must be sealed before use.

A multi purpose cleaner with superior cleaning power for walls and floors.

For mopping and sanitising dilute the lemon gel at a ratio of 1:25 in warm water, mop the surface and then allow to dry.

For paintwork and washrooms dilute the lemon gel at a ratio of 1:50 in warm water and then wipe over with a sponge or cloth.

Deodorises and sanitises leaving a pleasant lemon fragrance.


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