Baby Change Liners x 500

Ref: CO8255
ex VAT £43.46 inc VAT £52.15

Baby Changing Station Liners x 500 to a case. These are white, sanitary, plastic lined paper bed liners. Protective waterproof base lining with soft, absorbing tissue layer. Ideally suited to the CO8250B Horizontal Baby Change Station and the CO8252-V Vertical Baby Change Station,

Dimensions when the unit is folded: 4 3/4' x 6 1/2' (12.1 x 16.5cm)
Dimensions when the unit is unfolded: 13' x 18' (33 x 45.7cm)

Both the horizontal style baby changing unit and the vertical style baby changing unit have a moulded-in dual liner dispenser that accommodates approximately 500 of the CO8255 liners, creating a hygienic barrier between your child and the baby changing unit.

Safety and cleanliness is paramount when it comes to infant care and these baby change liners offer just that, allowing you to concentrate on baby.