Mitsubishi Hand Dryer Jet Towel Heated White

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Energy efficient, stylish and reliable. The 9th generation of Mitsubishi’s flagship hand dryer is a market leader for hand drying.

**Leasing and Rental options available against this equipment, please contact the Sales office for further information on 01299 252440**

Fast Drying

In the high powered mode on heated dryers there is a dry time of just 9-11 seconds thanks to two high speed, wafer thin airflows. In the standard power mode with the heater on dry time is 11-13 seconds but the noise is reduced to 56dB (2dB less than the previous models) ideal for quieter, low traffic washrooms.

Energy Saving

In the Standard mode with the heater off the dryer will only use 550W. This combined with the low running costs and waste compared to paper towel consumption makes it an obvious choice for washrooms. There is no paper waste to dispose of and no hassle of replenishing stocks.

Easy To Use

 The Jet Towel Dryer is open on both sides; enabling easy hand access from the side without touching the unit, inserting hands from the side of the unit and slowly raising and lowering them a few times maximizes drying performance. Moisture is blown downwards on both sides of the hands to drain the water, and when the dried hands are retracted airflow stops. This completely non-contact operation saves energy as the airflow does not continue after user has departed and avoids any bacterial transfer.

New Features

  • Hidden switches/buttons to prevent unauthorised operation.
  • Increased durability thanks to thicker, redesigned front panel.
  • Anti-bacterial resin on all surfaces.
  • Camouflaged drain tank.

Leasing Information

The benefits of leasing.
100% Tax efficient.
All leasing payments are 100% tax allowable. Every payment that you make on a leasing agreement can be used to reduce their Corporation Tax bill.
Improves cash flow.
Leasing allows you to purchase equipment which you need, rather than the equipment you can afford.
Let the machine pay for itself.
Unsecured borrowing.
The equipment that is being leased is the only security that is generally necessary. No property is used as security, however, occasionally the finance company may need Directors Guarantees for some limited companies.

High Power



Drying Time






Wattage (Heater on)



Wattage (Heater off)









Q: What is it?

A: A technology to dry your hands which does not rely on heat but forces water from hands using a high
speed sheet of air.

Q: How does it work?

A: Water is forced off you hands as they are withdrawn from the dryer. This method is very quick and dries
hands within from 9 seconds, unlike conventional hot air dryers which can typically take 30+ seconds.

Q: Is it hygienic?

A: Jet Towel collects waste water removed from your hands safely in a drain tank at the base of the dryer.
No more wet walls, floors or clothes.

The unit is made from anit-micobial material and utilises Silver Ion technology to prevent bacteria on
both external and internal surfaces including the waste water.

Operation of the dryer is automatic and therefore no contact is required by the user.

Q: Why should I use one?

A: There are many reasons why you should invest in Jet Towel:

 It actually works
 Hands are dry in a fraction of the time of conventional dryers
 Energy consumption is a fraction of conventional dryers
 Jet Towel is quiet when compared with like for like or conventional electric dryers
 Very hygienic, no touch operation!
 Designed for long service life utilising the very latest motor technology
 It can form part of your CO2 reduction strategy and assist in making your business ‘greener’
 ECA tax releif benefit

Q: Will it last?

A: Firstly your reduction in energy consumption will save you money – a basic cost study calculator can be
provided to help calculate your own on site savings.

The motor technology has been tested to exceed operations of 400 uses per day, 365 days per year, for
7 years ensuring long service life.

User manual (518.55 kB)