Fast Dry Hand Dryer 437219 -Brilliant White Enamel

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Fast Dry Hand Dryer - White

Designed to provide a cost effective alternative to hand dryers which have been developed with speed in mind.They provide a rapid drying time of 10-12 seconds, almost half that of the competitors products, thus reducing time spent in the washroom. Fast Dry offers up to 70% energy saving when compared to conventional hand dryers.

The unique design boasts a range of additional features which make the product suitable for almost any application. The heater elements can be set to between 450w and 900w, enabling the unit to be used in a variety of washroom applications from schools to construction sites. Another feature is the blue led which provides a visible indication of the drying zone ensuring that the users hands are always in the warm air stream.
In order to make the right choice for the environment and the customer the unit is finished in brillant white enamel, polished chrome and satin stainless.
Please contact the sales office for more advice on the Fast Dry hand dryer and the different finishes available.

  • Automatic no touch operation.
  • 10-12 seconds drying time.
  • Unique blue LED indicates the hand drying zone.
  • Powerful operation.
  • LoCarbon save up to 70% on energy costs.
  • Motor thermal protection auto resetting at 105c.

Energy comparisons

Fastdry  :                                                                                    Conventional Dryer:

-1.6Kw at 12-13 seconds dry.                                   -2.4Kw at 30 seconds dry.

-Energy cost per dry £0.0007.                                  -Energy cost per dry £0.0024.

-500 dries per day £0.35 per day.                             -500 dries per day £1.20 per day.

-500 dries x 350 days £122.50.                                 -500 dries x 350 days £420.00 per day.

Total yearly energy savings based on 1 dryer £298.68

Based on electricity costs of 12p/kWh

Technical Specification:

  • Insulation Earthed Class I.
  • TUV/GS Approved, RoSH Compliant  .           
  • CE marked in accordance with all the relevant EEC Harmonised Documents   .           
  • IPX1 Rated.
  • Motor   700 watts.
  • Warm Air Speed Output   75-100m/s.                                                     
  • Air velocity 1163m/hr.

Product Range Details:

  • Motor Thermal Protection auto resetting at 105Deg.C.
  • Supply Voltage 220-240V 50Hz.
  • Rated at 1.6kW at 240V
  • Element 450-900 watts adjustable.
  • Weight 5.8kg (6.6kg packed).


  • Height- 277mm.
  • Width- 201mm.
  • Depth- 175mm.
  • Weight- 5.8kg.

Q. Can you tell me whether there is any special fitting needed for this hand dryer or does it just plug in?

A. These hand dryers do not come fitted with a plug, please find attached the fitting instructions for you to look at.