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Quadrasan Breakdown Combination Cleaner

Ref: 4985
ex VAT £69.57 inc VAT £83.48

Quadrasan Breakdown safe combination cleaner will remove both nasty odours and organic staining from a multitude of surfaces in commercial, institutional and domestic environments. Quadrsan breakdown uses safe bacteria to degreade organic waste that may be the source of malodour- when activated with water the micro organisms in this dilutable liquid produce three key enzymes that degrade fats, proteins and starch and are highly effective in removal of oils, grease, food and human wastes.


*Removes uric acid build up and odours from toilet floors

* Degrades waste in sinks, pipes, kitchen drain lines, grease traps and waste bins.

* Creates Biofilm to tackle new waste and offers 24 hour breakdown protection.

* Peak Enzyme production and stain removal after 8 hours

* Ideal for use in all areas, including washrooms, toilets, kitchens, hospitals, hotels, restaurants and nursing homes.



Pack size:

Cost in use:


Product can be applied using a cloth, mop or trigger spray

Packed 2 x 5 litres
(4 trigger spray labels included)

Between 13p and 30p per litre depending on dilution rates.

Urinals, sinks and floors
Carpets, fabrics and furniture
Sinks and drains
Grease traps
Tiles and grouting
General cleaning and de-odorising