Bio Dose 2 x 5 Litres

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A liquid biological digester specially formulated for use in overworked drainage systems. Dispensed regulary through an automatically timed pump, directly into the drain Bio Dose will maintain fat traps.

Bio Dose 2 x 5 Litres

Bio Dose is designed to efficiently reduce waste which is mainly sent into the drainage systems of not only kitchens, but other catering and food processing units as well. It is a stable liquid with the same number of microorganisms as Bio Clear.

Suitable for all types of drains, sinks and small bore pipes, Bio Dose will break down any solid waste in drainage systems or pipes, in addition to being capable of maintaining septic tanks.

This is a biologically, cost effective way of maintaining your drainage and sinks as well as other systems.

Technical Information 

Featuring a two-stage operation, Bio Dose is activated with water and the "free" enzymes will quickly break down the waste into smaller peices, which are more accessible to the microorganisms. This immediately improves the drainage flow rates and reduces the odours.


Small amounts of 50ml, should be poured or pumped directly into sink outlets and left overnight to unlbock small bore pipework. In order to maintain the grease trap, apply 1ml per meal per day into the waste outlets to the trap. This is delivered regularly through an automatic timed pump into the drain system, where fats and grease enter and then this maximises the efficacy of Bio Dose, by treating fatty waste as it enters the drain. Bio Dose should be dosed at a ratio of 25L per month in a usual catering unit or restaurant (this is usually 833ml per day).

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