We have been trading within the domestic and commercial cleaning supplies sector for over 27 years

Janitorial Direct has been trading for 27 years within the domestic and commercial cleaning supplies sector. The company had established itself as a leading supplier and distributor in the UK and has earned a reputation of providing high quality, effective cleaning solutions and low priced janitorial supplies.

We provide a wide variety of janitorial products and cleaning services that include washroom services, machine repairs, cleaning chemicals and workwear clothing and accessories. Our cleaning products are designed to supply a company with everything it needs to ensure that its building is kept in a clean and safe environment.

While many cleaning supplies companies use our products, we also have a number of leading business brands who are coming to us for supplies such as hand dryers, vending machines and paper disposables.

All our products are competitively priced, but this doesn’t mean we skimp on quality. We not only ensure that our products are of a high quality, but also that they meet all safety regulations and standards.

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