Prochem Steempro Powerflo SX2000

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Please be aware that for customer satisfaction, this machine will be delivered on a European pallet (80x120cm).

Prochem SteemPro 2000 Powerplus SX2000

This machine comes with a FREE training course worth £120.00.

This is the smallest and most compact of the SteemPro range, however don’t let this be deceiving it is a very powerful peace of equipment. The Prochem SX2000 is built to a very high standard, using high quality parts, featuring a tuff scuff-resistant body and solution tanks making this a very durable machine. This machine is one of the latest and most advanced carpet cleaners in Prochem’s market leading range of portable soil extractors.

Ideal for single operator use it is a very high-powered carpet extractor incorporating one powerful 3 stage vacuum and a 150psi pump system with an internal whisper quiet silencer making it one of the most powerful yet quiet portable extractors in the world.

The SX2000 along with the other Prochem SteemPro carpet cleaning machines is one of the most popular machines in the UK and are even used by royal appointment to clean carpets and upholstery for the royal family. If you are just starting out as a carpet cleaner or are experienced in the industry we would highly recommend using one of these machines.

The SX2000 is very easy to use, and despite its large capacity will comfortably fit in a small van or most large cars. Due to its large clean water and recovery tanks it allows you to clean a very large area without having to change or empty water too often saving you time and money.

It comes with a 4.6 meter (15ft) hose so you don’t have to spend time moving the machine around, and in some cases you could even leave the machine outside if needed whist cleaning inside. With the addition of one of Prochem’s hand tools you can easily reach up or down stair cases leaving no step uncleaned.

This machine comes with a free training course with Prochem professionals. We highly recommend going on one off these courses where you will be tout about carpet cleaning best practices by industry experts. The course includes information on what type of chemical to use on what type of fabric or carpet and how to get the best results when confronted by difficult or unusual stains that most people just don’t know how to deal with.

Each machine comes complete with hose and Glidemaster stainless steel wand. All you need is chemical and you are ready to go.

Top Tips

  • Go on the free training course, it is worth it.
  • Never leave your machine in a van or outside when there is risk of frost. There are brass components in the solution system of the machine that will break or become damaged if the residual water in the system freezes.
  • Keep your machine clean. Clean your filters and your tanks when you have finished using your machine and it will perform better for longer.
  • Use defoamer. You will damage your vacuum motors if you don’t use defoamer and it will void your warranty.
  • Like any moving parts on any machine they will need maintenance, get your pump serviced every 6-12 months to avoid unexpected down time.
  • Use Prochem chemical. It is very good quality and you know you will get the best results.

Tank/Body of machine: 2 years.
Parts: 1 Year.

At Janitorial Direct we have some of the most highly trained Prochem engineers in the country, all of which have completed the highest distributor engineer training coerces. We are very proud of our after sale support with customers using us time and time again for this reason.
Leasing Information
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All leasing payments are 100% tax allowable. Every payment that you make on a leasing agreement can be used to reduce their Corporation Tax bill.
Improves cash flow.
Leasing allows you to purchase equipment which you need, rather than the equipment you can afford.
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Although the use of a recognised Defoamer product is mentioned in all the service manuals issued with new machines the end user will hardly ever read this part and therefore will not use the product.

The emphasis placed on a recognised Defoamer product cannot be stressed enough.
Use of Defoamer in the recovery tank of a machine will, in most cases prevent excess water damage to vacuum motors due to dirty water ingestion. This is caused by the fact that foam is lighter than water and will not close the vacuum shut off ball cage assembly. This, in turn will lead to the foam being ingested into the vacuum motors.

In addition to this, it is also important to your keep clean water reservoir separate from waste water and to this end we also recommend the use of different coloured buckets such as the red and white Prochem CN3503 buckets shown at the bottom of the page, the red being used solely for waste water and the white just for clean.

Any vacuum motor returned for repair or warranty claim that shows any sign of dirty water ingestion will not be replaced since the Terms & Conditions of Warranty have not been adhered to.
Directions for use of Defoamer
Add 20ml of Prochem S760 Liquid Defoamer concentrate per 10 litres of recovery tank capacity (1-500).
Dilute the required amount of concentrate in a small amount of water and feed this solution into the vacuum hose, with the machine switched on and add defoamer solution directly to the machine recovery tank.
Do not add Defoamer to the cleaning solution.
For excessive foam, increase the amount of S760 required.

      • Solution tank: 35 litres
      • Recovery tank: 26 litres
      • Solution pressure: 8.2 bar (150psi)
      • Vacuum motor: 1 x 3 stage by-pass
      • Hose: 4.6m (15ft)
      • Carpet wand: 30cm (12') single jet
      • Tank construction: polyethylene with aluminium baseplate
      • Wheels: Rear stair climbing - non marking (25cm)
      • Front castors: Non marking (10cm)
      • Power cable: 7.6m (25ft)
      • Weight: 35 kilos
    • Dimensions: 89 x 78 x 45cm (h x l x w)

File downloads

This machine comes with a voucher for a FREE - 1 day carpet cleaning training course worth £120.00. Included with the machine on purchase. Booking details will be on this voucher.

Prochem Carpet Cleaning Training Course

Course and Booking Details:

  • The course takes place at Prochem head office: Prochem Europe Ltd, Oakcroft Road, Chessington, Surrey, KT9 1RH.
  • Courses commence at 09.00 and finish at 16.30.
  • Included is a hot meal plus buffet lunch along with 2 coffee breaks.
  • All attendees will get a fully comprehensive training and reference manual to take away, as well as Certificate of Attendance.
  • Free sample pack of Prochem carpet care products.
  • Parking is available on site.
  • Directions and a list of local hotels are available on request.
  • Course dates available on booking.

A comprehensive course for carpet cleaners, contract businesses and public sector operatives. This instructive and information packed day covers carpet construction, fibre identification, approved cleaning methods, stain removal, protective treatments and much more.

Contents Includes:

Carpet Conditions

  • Soil levels
  • Wear and fixings
  • Soil types

Carpet Cleaning Methods

  • Dry cleaning
  • Low moisture methods
  • Hot water soil extraction
  • Combination cleaning

Carpet Construction

  • How to identify tufted or woven
  • Carpet backings and related risks

Fibre Identification

  • Natural or synthetic and related problems
  • Burn/ fibre test

Chemistry of Cleaning

  • pH scale
  • Correct use of products
  • Dye bleed test

Stain Removal

  • How to test for solvent or water soluble stains
  • Application techniques
  • A-Z spotting guide

Special Treatments

  • Presprays and pre-treatments
  • Extraction detergents and rinses
  • Deodorisers
  • Protectors
  • Defoamer