Prochem Citrus Gel x1 Litre - E840-01

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The Prochem Citrus Gel is a citrus solvent and detergent based liquid gel spot remover. It is a powerful formula that can remove a number of stains including oil, grease, tar, gum and other oily spots from carpets and fabrics. It is ready to use and comes in a 1 Litre bottle. This product is available to buy as a single purchase or as a bulk buy option.

Prochem Citrus Gel

A citrus based liquid gel spot remover for use on carpets, fabrics and most surfaces. Citrus Gel will safely and effectively remove oils, grease, tar and gum and is gelled to help prevent damage to latex carpet backings.

  • Grease, gum and oil for carpet, fabrics and most surfaces.
  • Citrus solvent and detergent based liquid gel.
  • Formulated to work on the fibre surface avoiding damage to the bitumen and latex backings.
  • Ready-to-use
  • White gel with citrus fragrance.

For professional and industrial use only. SHAKE BEFORE USE. Citrus Gel is ready-to-use from the nozzle applicator. Always pre-test surface to be treated in an inconspicuous area before proceeding. Bitumen backed carpet tiles and some latex backings and adhesives may not be stable to solvents.

Scrape up any excess staining matter then apply Citrus Gel to spot and allow 2 to 5 minutes contact time. DO NOT OVER APPLY. DO NOT USE OVER LARGE AREA WITHOUT PRE-TESTING STABILITY. Scrape dissolved residue or blot with white towel or tissue.

DO NOT RUB. Repeat if necessary, working from outside to centre of large spots. Blot small spots or extract large areas with water. Brush carpet or fabric to align fibres.