Prochem Fivestar Carpet Cleaner - TR300

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  • Extraction Plus Cleaning Detergent 5L (PRS77505) + £20.34 (Ex VAT: £16.95)
  • Liquid Defoamer 5L (PRS76005) + £33.00 (Ex VAT: £27.50)
  • Multi-Pro Carpet Prespotter 5L (PRS70905) + £25.50 (Ex VAT: £21.25)
  • Fibre & Fabric Rinse 5L (PRB10905) + £18.30 (Ex VAT: £15.25)
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The Fivestar Carpet Cleaner is a highly compact and portable, high performance machine with floor cleaning option, the Prochem Fivestar upright extractor enables any operator to achieve professional results, and a quick drying time with the minimum of effort.

This machine comes with a FREE training course worth £95.00. 

Prochem Fivestar Carpet Cleaning Machine - TR300

This machine comes with a FREE training course worth £120.00

The Prochem Fivestar is a highly compact and portable high performance carpet cleaning machine with the option of using it for hard floor cleaning as well. This upright carpet extraction machine enables any operator to achieve professional results, and a quick drying time with the minimum of effort.

The Fivestar has a completely self-contained design, combining a powerful pump and vacuum system with a power driven self-adjusting brush. This means that there are no hoses or wands needed to use the machine, although there are optional hose and wand attachments that can be used with this machine for getting to those hard to reach areas or for use on upholstery and curtains.

When you are finished cleaning with the machine, the fresh water and waste pail can be removed quickly for easy emptying and re-filling with no hoses to detach.

The Fivestar cleverly designed lightweight machine with a fold-down handle, making it a compact cleaning solution, perfectly suited for use in hotels, guest houses, hospitals, nursing homes, pubs, restaurants as well as the domestic rental market.

It is recommend with these machines to service your pump and motor every 6 months to maintain optimum cleaning performance.


Although the use of a recognised Defoamer product is mentioned in all the service manuals issued with new machines the End User will hardly ever read this part and therefore will not use the product.

The emphasis placed on a recognised Defoamer product cannot be stressed enough.

Use of Defoamer in the recovery tank of a machine will, in most cases prevent excess water damage to vacuum motors due to dirty water ingestion. This is caused by the fact that foam is lighter than water and will not close the vacuum shut off ball cage assembly. This, in turn will lead to the foam being ingested into the vacuum motors.

In addition to this, it is also important to your keep clean water reservoir separate from waste water and to this end we also recommend the use of different coloured buckets such as the red and white Prochem CN3503 buckets shown at the bottom of the page, the red being used solely for waste water and the white just for clean.

Any vacuum motor returned for repair or warranty claim that shows any sign of dirty water ingestion will not be replaced since the Terms & Conditions of Warranty have not been adhered to.

Directions for use of defoamer.

Add 20ml of Prochem S760 Liquid Defoamer concentrate per 10 litres of recovery tank capacity (1-500).

Dilute the required amount of concentrate in a small amount of water and feed this solution into the vacuum hose, with the machine switched on and add defoamer solution directly to the machine recovery tank.

Do not add Defoamer to the cleaning solution.

For excessive foam, increase the amount of S760 required.


Solution tank
Lift-off recovery tank
Solution pressure
Vacuum motor
Water lift / airflow
Brush / motor
Cleaning width
Tank construction
Power cable
Shipping weight
Shipping dimensions
11.3 litres
11.3 litres
5.9 bar (85 psi) with floor control valve
2 stage by-pass
2794 mm (110″) / 52.8 l/s (112 cfm)
Cylindrical 4 row 2500 rpm / 0.12 kw
30 cm (12″)
17.7 cm (7″) non-marking
7.6 metres (25 ft)
18 kilos
24 kilos
60 x 58 x 30 cm (h x l x w)
71 x 66 x 30 cm (h x l x w)
2 years on tank, 1 year on parts