Vileda Mop Handle

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Vileda mop handle with optional colour-coded clips.

The Vileda Mop handle is suitable for use with the Vileda Super Mop Head, it is a strong and reliable mop handle sure to provide many years of effective service carrying a mop head. Rather than offering different coloured handle Vileda Mop Handles come supplied complete with four colour-coded clips to allow the user to identify the usage area of the handle that way.

Typical use of these colour identifiers :

  • Green identifying clip used to signify that a particular mop and handle is only to be used in food preparation and bar areas.
  • Red identifying clip used on mops and handles for cleaning around sanitary appliances and washroom floors.
  • Blue clip for mops and handles used in general lower risk areas (not including food areas).
  • Yellow clip may be used for mops and handles destined for washbasins and other washroom surfaces

To use with Vileda Super Mop Heads- Ref: VI954-GROUP