Sulphamic Toilet Cleaner 5 Litre

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Sulphamic Toilet cleaner SPD913 has a pleasant fragrance and comes supplied in a quantity of 5 litres. Sulphamic Toilet Cleaner SPD913 is a highly effective toilet cleaner which can also be used for other cleaning applications. Sulphamic Toilet Cleaner SPD913 actually clings onto surfaces to extend the time of the cleaning action and the effectiveness of the Sulphamic Toilet Cleaner. Sulphamic Toilet Cleaner can be used in both toilet bowls and urinals. Sulphamic Toilet Cleaner SPD913 dissolves organic matter, and deodorises and re-odourises with a pleasant perfume. Sulphamic Toilet Cleaner also helps to remove limescale.

Direction for use of Sulphamic Toilet Cleaner
Apply sulphamic toilet cleaner directly under the rim , and allow to act for 15 minutes, then flush away. This sulphamic toilet cleaner is suitable to use on basins, baths, shower cabinets, tiles, taps and swimming pools. Simply wipe over with a cloth or sponge and rinse away.

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