Prochem Smoke Neutraliser 5 Litre x2

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Prochem Smoke Neutraliser is a highly concentrated odour neutraliser for smoke and odour contaminated carpets, fabrics, and hard surfaces. The product can be applied by a sprayer or fogger; or it can be added to a cleaning solution. The formula needs to be diluted, making a 5 litre bottle last a long time. It can be bought as a single purchase or as a bulk buy option.

Prochem Smoke Neutraliser

A concentrated water soluble odour neutraliser and air conditioner effective against a broad range of odour problems including smoke and fire residue. Smoke & Odour Neutraliser can be added to carpet, fabric and hard surface cleaning solutions or diluted with water and applied by sprayer or fogging unit.

Smoke odour removal fogging application:

During fogging / spraying wear suitable respiratory equipment. Mix 100ml Smoke & Odour Neutraliser per litre of warm water and apply for 15 minutes per 10m2 of floor area by fogger to sealed room. Leave area sealed for 24 hours then fresh air ventilate with exhaust fans. Always cover, protect or remove water sensitive furnishings and other items when spraying or fogging.

  • Odour neutraliser concentrate for smoke, tobacco, fire restoration & most odours
  • Highly concentrated for use on carpets, fabrics and hard surfaces
  • Contains no bactericides 
  • Turquoise liquid with deodorant fragrance
  • Available in 1 litre and 5 litre pack size.