Craftex Kill Odour 5 Litre.

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Craftex Kill Odour

Kill Odour is a powerful deodoriser with pear drop fragrance for complete odour removal. Not a masking agent – it actually ‘eats’ away the bad smells. For urine, faeces, smoke damage, vomit, refuse and other spillages. Dilution Rate: 1:20 or use neat in bad areas. pH 6.5-7.5 Powerful deodoriser. 

  • Powerful Deodoriser
  • Does Not Mask
  • Eats Away At Bad Smells
  • Can Be Used Neat

For general deodorising add to cleaning solutions 5ml to 50ml of 0024 per litre of water. Dilute as needed for sprayers and fogging equipment. Kill Odour must come into contact with the source of the odour to be able to ‘eat away’ the bad smell. If required use neat especially in very bad areas.

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