Numatic Hurricane HFM1530 - 300 RPM

Ref: HFM1530

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This high speed 300rpm machine is designed for polishing most types of floors. We suggest using with a dustrol vacuum kit which vacuums at the same time as you are polishing to prevent leaving behind large amounts of dust. We would not suggest using this machine for wet scrubbig duties as it is a high speed machine.

The price includes a Flexi Padloc drive board which is specific to this machine as the standard drive board is not capable of dealing with the high speed.

This machine is fitted with the generous 1500W motor which allows for higher speeds and the use of an added weight. All HFM models incorporate our ATC (Automatic Torque Control) monitoring and balancing operational power input throughout the cleaning cycle. 

The long life, low load, oil filled planetary gearbox ensures seamless power transmission to the floor ensuring excellent results. The handle is fully adjustable for the perfect cleaning position.

Image 1 shows machine as standard.

Image 2 shows machine with added dustrol kit (Sold sparately).


  • Motor:      1500W
  • Power:     230V AC 50Hz
  • Pad Size:  400 mm
  • Speed:     300rpm
  • Range:     32 m
  • Weight:    32 kg
  • Size:        1250 x 560 x 460mm
  • Brush:      450 mm

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