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Carefree Polish Stripper 5 litre

Ref: ABHF006
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Carefree Polish Stripper can be applied with either a mop and bucket and with help from a polishing machine. Its formulation can cut stripping time upto 50%.


Directions for use:

  • Normal use dilute 1:20 with water

  • Heavy polish build up dilute 1:10 with water

  • Please read instructions for use on linoleum

After application allow 5 minutes for the stripper to work, scrub floor with machine fitted with a stripping grade pad to break up the polish film. Remove slurry with mop or wet suction machine and rinse the floor thoroughly with clean water – twice for best results, then allow to dry completely. Once finished it is recommended to protect the floor with a polish of your choice.






Q. Will ABHF006 Polish Stripper be suitable for stripping Carefree Eternum Polish off a wooden floor?

A. This product is suitable for use on wooden floors as long as the floor has been sealed.

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