Numatic Carpet Cleaner George 3 in 1 GVE 370-2

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The Numatic Carpet Cleaner 'George' 3 in 1 (GVE370) is designed to be a true all-in-one carpet cleaning machine, equally at home whether it's dry vacuuming, clean floors, wet pick-up vacuuming, dry floors, extraction carpet cleaning etc.

**Leasing options available against this equipment, please contact the Sales office for further information on 01299 252440**

George is ideal for domestic use. Practical, easy to use and produces very impressive results.

He is designed to be a true all-in-one carpet cleaning machine, equally at home whether he is dry vacuuming, picking up spillages or extraction cleaning on either hard or carpeted floors.

The Numatic George carpet cleaner from Janitorial Direct has been designed with the most comprehensive range of standard accessories available. Whatever your cleaning needs, be it pictures or pelmets, carpets or curtains, if the washing machine overflows, or the sink is blocked, or whether you simply decide to clean all the carpets in the house - George is equipped to answer the call.

George means true power cleaning, combining both the highly efficient turboflo' vacuum turbine and the powerflo' injection pump system to ensure truly professional results.

When he is in dry vacuuming mode you have giant Tritex filters with HepaFlo' bags and a combination floor tool.

When he's in the wet mode, a simple exchange of the filter for the safety float valve allows any number of wet tasks to be achieved, be it blocked sinks, overflowing washing machines, burst pipes etc.

When it comes to carpet cleaning you will very quickly see the superb results achieved by the simultaneous injection for cleaning solution into the carpet, combined with high vacuum extraction. This is professional cleaning at its best!

Hard floor cleaning with the dual scrub/wet pick up nozzle is simplicity itself, leaving a large floor clean and dry in a matter of moments.

Upholstery and fabric cleaning with the upholstery cleaning head is something to behold as you see the dirt disappearing before your very eyes.

Motor watts shown are MAXIMUM input watts. However, in accord with the specific requirements of the majority of International Approved Agencies, rating labels on machines show MEAN operational watts, being the average watts consumed during normal use, i.e. 1000 watts MAX = 800 watts MEAN.

Comes complete with Kit-A26A 607326 Full 32mm Stainless Steel Spray Extraction Kit

Motor Twinflo
Motor Power 1200 W
Power 230V AC 50/60Hz
Airflow 38 L/sec
Suction 2400 mm H2O
Capacity Dry 15 L
Capacity Wet 9 L
Capacity Extraction 6 L
Cleaning Range 26.8 m
Weight 8.8 kg
Size 355x355x510mm

Q: What water temperature are we to use in this machine?

A: You are to use water no hotter than about 35 degrees.