Kentucky Steel Mop Handle

Ref: CO572group
Blue Kentucky Steel Mop Handle
ex VAT £7.14 inc VAT £8.57
Green Kentucky Steel Mop Handle
ex VAT £7.14 inc VAT £8.57
Red Kentucky Steel Mop Handle
ex VAT £7.14 inc VAT £8.57
Yellow Kentucky Steel Mop Handle
ex VAT £7.14 inc VAT £8.57

Kentucky Steel Mop Handle with steel holder and spring.

A steel kentucky mop handle.

Will fit all Kentucky mop heads.

The Kentucky Mopping range has long been known and favoured for its great capacity for picking up and laying down extremely large quantities of liquid.

A range of holders, handles and a wide choice of heads are also available depending on the cleaning task and the size of the area to be cleaned.

Multi-fold mops are more durable and as a consequence of this are also more suitable for rough floors as these can be more hard wearing on mops than smooth, polished floors.

Whatever is needed there is sure to be a Kentucky suited for the job.


Features and Benefits

  • Available colours  blue, red, yellow and green.
  • Steel mop holder and spring.
  • Colour coded to avoid cross contamination.
  • Fits all Kentucky mop heads.

Suggested Colour Coding Areas:

  • Red – For sanitary appliances and washroom floors.
  • Blue- General lower risk areas.
  • Green – For food and bar use.
  • Yellow – Wash basins and other washroom areas.

Product code: Blue- CO572BL Red- CO572RD Yellow-CO572YL Green CO572GN


Q: Does this handle have a metal holder?
A: Yes it does include the steel holder for the actual mop head.