IMOP XXL Scrubber Dryer

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The IMOP XXL is the worlds most productive and efficient floor cleaning machine. Its impressive 64cm (25.6 inches) cleaning width combined with the patented I-Mop technology which combines the high power and performance of a large scrubber dryer but the mobility and flexibility of a floor mop effortlessly cleans all hard floor types both big and small. 

This amazing machine offers incredible productivity of 1600 sq/Mtr per hour which is over 4 times faster and 10 times more effective than mopping. The ergonomic cleaning system and  two powerful counter-rotating brushes running at 350rpm with 26kg of down pressure ensures a deep and thorough clean every time, and allows you to manoeuvre the machine in and around obstacles . The XXL has a comprehensive range of accessories from deep clean brushes to Twister diamond pads so whatever your floor type the XXL will be a big performer.

The quick change water tanks make filling and emptying this machine incredibly easy and increases productivity by 50% over machines with built in tanks which can prove a challenge in many environments.

The XXL is one of the only truly continuous runtime floor cleaning machines as the innovative quick change click in click off design batteries offer 70 minutes runtime per charge and the re charge time is only 60minutes. With 2 sets of batteries this big performing machine will run all day long.

Where high performance cleaning is needed then the all new I-Mop XXL is an absolute must.

-       Flexible & Fast

  • The I-Mop features a high speed twin brush scrubber dryer deck with a working area of 46cm.
  • The same as with a conventional walk behind scrubber, but the unmatched agility.
  • Two counter rotating brushes provide a smooth experience, and allows you to control the machine single handily.

-       24/7 Cleaning

  • Purchase a second set of batteries for 24/7 cleaning.
  • Change both of the batteries after 60 minutes, the remaining 10 minutes of energy allows a recharge cycle of 1 hour charge to 1 hour run.

-       Click On, Click Off

  • Fill, refill and empty the machine easily with the light weight solution tanks.
  • The small and efficient water tanks allow you to refill from a sink tap.
  • The colour coded water tanks allow you to switch between chemicals easily, by simply clicking the tank off and the new one on.

-       Flip The Switch

  • No PhD required operating this machine… A simple dial to select the desired operating mode.
  • Aside from scrub and dry, separate scrub modes are available… including an eco-mode to save you more water and to protect the water sensitive floors against overexposure.

-       I Go, Where You Go

  • The I-Mop is designed to be compact and user friendly.
  • Easily stored in a closet, so your I-Mop can always be near by.

Technical Specifications

Weight Without Batteries


Weight With Batteries


Weight With Batteries & Water


Machine Size H*W*D

124 x 69 x 37.5cm

Box Size L*W*H

129 x 57 x 37cm

Power (Watt)



PP Aluminium Alloy

Battery Spec Li-ion Battery

25.2 V. 14 AH

Running Time

70 Minutes

Charge Time

60 Minutes

Operation Width


Theatrical Performance

2350 s.m.p.h

Practical Performance

1400 – 1700 s.m.p.h

Clean Water Tank


Recovery Clean Tank

6.8L (10L MAX)



Warranty (From Invoice Date)

1 year