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Gojo Spar Bath Gel - 1000ml (NXT)

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It's not just about getting hands clean. It's about keeping skin healthy. Changing the lives or workers who thought soiled-looking, work-worn hands were part of the job. Taking preventative measures to reduce the occurrence of occupational dermatitis to help keep workers healthy. Improving the perception of quality in a facility by simply offering a more pleasant handwashing experience. From the introduction of our first waterless hand cleaner over 60 years ago to our new spa-quality luxury foam cleansers, body wash and shampoo. GOJO brand products have consistently delivered high-quality solutions to help keep skin clean and healthy.

Gojo bodily hygiene spa bath gel is a gentle shower gel for body,hands and hair. Available in a 1000ml NXT cartridge.

Proper Hand Washing Theory

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