Soap - Gojo Anti-Bac Hand Wash - 6 x 800ml

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Gojo Antibacterial Hand Soap is ideal for frequent hand washing with a broad range of applications.

Getting your hands clean is not enough it’s also about keeping your skin healthy. With GoJo antibacterial Lotion Soap you get both even after repeated daily washings.

General Information:

  • Proven to Kill 99.5% of germs, fungi and yeast in about 30 seconds.
  • A highly effective gentle lotion soap.
  • Contains a broad spectrum antimicrobial agent

In most professional work environments your employees will need to wash their hands 20 times or more a day to prevent the spread of germs.

Q. How many will handwashings will each 800ml box provide?

A. Our suppliers tell us that each box of 9757-06 Gojo Anti-Bac Hand Soap will dispense 458 appliications.