Bio Clear 2 x 5 Litres

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A powerful stable liquid containing micro-organisms and free efficiently and safely.

Bio Clear 2 x 5 Litres

Bio Clear is a powerful liquid, containing selected microorganisms and 'free' enzymes which are formulated to degrade the fatty waste which is discharged into pipes, sewers and greasetraps.

Reducing the solids and grease evacuated into the drain outlets, BIO clear is ideally delivered through an auto-pump to maintain all types of drains, sinks and small bore pipes as well as maintaining, reactivating septic tanks, grease traps and sewage systems.

Bio Productions biologicals contain species of micro-organisms/bacteria which are usually found in the digestive track and in soil. These microorganisms specialise in breaking down waste and eliminating the cause of blockages. The bacteria will then release a mixture of enzymes, helping to aid the breakdown of organic matter. As such, the micro-organisms found in our biologicals are classed as probiotic.



Bio-Clear-BC-1 (231.93 kB)