Baby Changing Unit Vertical

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A great vertical baby changing unit at a fantastic price.

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The vertical wall mounted baby changing unit offers a clean, safe and hygienic area to change your baby. This unit comes with a deep shelf for you to lay your baby and also comes with safety straps for additional support. When not in use the unit can be folded back up against the wall making space in smaller washroom areas.

General Information:

  • ADA Compliant conforming to ADA article 4.4.1.
  • Convenient bag hooks either side of the unit.
  • A patented hinge design eliminating any pinch points that could catch your fingers.
  • Dimensions: Height: 32 x Width:19"x Length: 35.5".
  • Can hold up to 15kg.
  • Non porous polythene unit making it easy to clean.