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The Zwitscherbox.

The “Zwitscherbox” has a motion sensor that will set off an exhilarating singing of birds. Every time you enter the room it will go on for two minutes and then gently subside if no further movement occurs.

It is perfect for the bathroom, where we have peace and tranquillity – something the “Zwitscherbox” can remind us of. Breathe deeply, relax, and replenish yourself with new energy - make it a perfect day. The “Zwitscherbox” can help you do it.

Its natural sounds create a soothing atmosphere that lets you relax intuitively. Like taking a walk in the woods. We listen to the exhilarating sound of birds singing, our gaze softens, and we start to breathe more deeply.

 It is beneficial for the body and the spirit! Always coming as a surprise, the “Zwitscherbox” can change the way we think and give us new ideas. Because a power cable is not needed, it can easily be set up or hung on the wall anywhere you like.

The birdsong is activated by a motion sensor. If no new impulse occurs, the sound will fade out after two minutes. With a small switch on the side of the box you can also switch it off completely.