The Service Safety Screen

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The Service Safety Screen

The 'Service' Safety Screen

The 'service' safety screen is designed to act as an effective barrier with a 150mm gap at the base for dealing with customers.

This is ideal for exchanging money and items from a desk or till.

Using the magnetic clips, the opposing stands will connect to the desk and will shield both parties from airbourne pathogens, such as COVID-19.

Helps to keep staff and customers safe in the working environment.

Cost effective, easy to assemble and will fit any desk.


  • Includes x2 magnetic pads and adhesive pads to stick to desks.
  • Easy to clean. 
  • Provides a barrier between workers and customers.
  • Aesthetic screens which will blend into any workplace environment.

Can be used in offices, restaurants, schools, universities, hospitality, retail, leisure, or manufacturing environments.

Durbale, perfectly clear and made out of a high-grade plastic, this is a  screen that fits any desk to provide a physical and effective barrier, preventing the spread of germs.

As well as being lightweight and easy to move, they can be assembled in seconds and encourage social distancing.


  • Dimensions: 850mm Length x 650mm Height.

(However this can be customiseable by rolling one of the ends.)

  • Weight: 1.4kg.

The screen also comes with a 150mm gap at the base, which is ideal for dealing with customers.