The 'L' Safety Screen

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The 'L' Safety Screen

The 'L' Safety Screen

The 'L' saftey screen will provide a dual side and front protective barrier between customers and colleagues.

With the extra wrap around post available, this can be extended to two sides of a desk in an 'L' shape.

Available in two sizes, 1800mm or 2600mm for tables and desks.

Using the magnetic clips, the opposing stands will connect to the desk and will shield both parties from airbourne pathogens, such as COVID-19.

Simple, flexible and safe to use.


  • Includes x3 magnetic pads and adhesive pads to stick to desks.
  • Easy to clean. 
  • Provides a barrier between workers and customers.
  • Aesthetic screens which will blend into any workplace environment.

Can be used in offices, restaurants, schools, universities, hospitality, retail, leisure, or manufacturing environments.

Durbale, perfectly clear and made out of a high-grade plastic, this is a  screen that fits any desk to provide a physical and effective barrier, preventing the spread of germs.

As well as being lightweight and easy to move, they can be assembled in seconds and encourage social distancing.


(Height) 850mm x (Length) 1800mm or 2600mm.

Length can be customised by rolling the wrap.

Weight: 2.1kg.